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Strategic Housing Plan

Brunswick County's Strategic Housing Plan was finalized in March 2019, and was prepared by Hill Studio and Arnett Muldrow & Associates.

The adopted 2037 Comprehensive Plan for Brunswick County identified Resilient Communities as important to the future of the County. Safe, vibrant, and livable communities with attractive, desirable housing are key to attracting and retaining residents and to economic growth and prosperity. For Brunswick County to successfully recruit desired companies and talent, employees must have a suitable place to live and raise their families.

The primary purpose of this plan was to identify and further opportunities for new market rate housing, particularly as it relates to recruiting and retaining residents such as educators, public safety personnel, professionals, and company workers. Brunswick County continues to undertake needed community development and revitalization projects that address affordable housing and community improvements.

For additional information, please refer to the full document or contact the Planning Department.