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Litter Control

Litter Control Council

The purpose of the Litter Control Council is:

  • to establish control and prevent littering and illegal dumping
  • to encourage and promote the reuse and recycling of materials to the greatest possible extent
  • to do such things as may be necessary and desirable to promote a clean and wholesome physical environment in Brunswick County.
  • to educate and promote public interest in environmental improvement of Brunswick County by: (1) instilling a sense of pride in every citizen towards the awareness of one's surroundings through educational mediums, (2) educating all citizens, including school-aged children, toward efficient solid waste management, and (3) managing and operating an effective litter and recycling program for Brunswick County.
  • Two individuals from each of the five districts are appointed by the Board of Supervisors to  serve on the  Council, along with a representative from the Solid Waste Department, Sheriff's Office, and Virginia Cooperative Extension. All Brunswick citizens are encouraged to volunteer to serve on this and all councils/committees appointed by the Board. The current members are as follows:

    Cyliene Montgomery, Chairwoman - Totaro District
    Sylvia Allen, Secretary - Sturgeon District 
    Gene Wiley, Treasurer - Sturgeon District
    Robbie Pecht - Totaro
    Glenda Gillium - Red Oak
    Betty Tulloh - Red Oak
    Kalena Green - Powellton 
    Gilbert Benjamin - Powellton
    Della Wood - Meherrin
    Wally Sayko - Meherrin
    Chandra Vaughan - Solid Waste Manager - 434-848-3562
    Delmar Jarrell - Brunswick County Sheriff's Office - 434-848-3133
    Malika Walton - Virginia Cooperative Extension Office - 434-848-2151

    For questions and further information:

    Please, contact any member of the Litter Control Council or your District Supervisor